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You and Me and Her and Him

Updated: Apr 19, 2020


(To be read in a soft tone with a normal cadence) What’s with all the drama over the “leaders”?

People are sifting through old garbage and calling it new. None of this mess is new. The lying, the name calling, the abuse, the cheating, the killing, the heartbreak, destruction—none of it. Out Googling one another to publish the facts and set the world straight. The players change and the rules, too but the game doesn’t. The whole world taking a side of teams destined to fail with zero hope for real life. Humanity can’t escape darkness with any of these groups, clubs, religions, leaders, parties, hashtags, philosophies, belief systems, or dance teams. No chance. The last thing we need is another pill, another plan,(sorry Marie Osmond-not falling for that again), diet, gadget, OR procedure.

We aren’t so different you and me and her and him.

Chatting with some sisters today about this misconception of good guys vs. bad guys and my brilliant friend said something like, “we kind of take turns.” PREACH Penelope!

We aren’t so different you and me and her and him.

Time to wake up. We already have a leader. A proven lover of all people of every nation. A champion of all people with every kind of dirty laundry and clean laundry too.  Whether it’s flopped on the couch or hanging from the spinbike handlebars. He is FOR the good guys and the bad guys because, you guys, we’re both. A Champion, of all of us. The voice of the one. The one included and comfortable. The one left out and behind, broken and bruised. That’s me and you after all.  You’ve never been included, comfortable, left out, broken OR bruised?


We aren’t so different you and me and her and him.

All cut from the same pattern and material. Dust, bone, and all the love of One so holy we couldn’t look at His face without dying from His AWESOME. He’s for real. There isn’t more dark in this world than light.  If you’re seeing darkness all around look up, but find you some groovy shades first. After all, you wouldn’t want a Son burn from the brilliance of all that love and light. When we start moving our feet and our hearts in His perfect light we will see the path. And He left the light on for us long before Tom Bodett.

We won’t have all the answers because we aren’t meant to.  Stop the madness. Close your eyes to the evil and open your heart.  He’s waiting for us.

All. Of. Us.

We aren’t so different you and me and her and him.

God bless humanity,

even when we aren’t acting much like-


Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right. Acts  10:34-35

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