What's in a 

Cotton Candy Cocoa Bombe?

The Gourmet Cocoa Bombe features Valrhona and Callebaut Chocolate, a homemade marshmallow, along with an upgraded freshness pouch. The gourmet bombes are $8/each

The Classic Cocoa Bombe will feature good quality premium cocoa and a GŪD homemade marshmallow while supplies last. Cotton Candy Cocoa Bombes are offered at the very affordable price of $6/each. 

*When the GŪD marshmallows run out we choose JetPuff to put in our bombes

Both bombes are made exactly the same with a gourmet (housemade sugar) cotton candy shell.

All bombes available through preorder during pop up sales. Follow us on social media or sign up for pop up email alerts so you don't miss them!

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