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What Size Cake?

Single (2-4 servings)

  • 5" diameter x 3" tall

  • Cake board: 6"

  • Available only in select styles

  • Starts at $60*

Small (12-14 servings)

  • 6" diameter x 6" tall

  • Cake board: 10" in diameter

  • Recommended cake stand: 10-12" in diameter

  • Starts at $90*

Medium (19-24 servings)

  • 6" diameter x 8" tall

  • Cake board: 10" in diameter

  • Starts at $150*

Small Tall- 2 tier (30-35 servings)

  • Top tier: 5" diameter x 5.5" tall

  • Bottom tier: 7" diameter x 5.5" tall

  • Starts at $215*


Medium Tall- 2 tier (40-45 servings)

  • Top tier: 6" diameter x 5.5" tall

  • Bottom tier: 7" diameter x 5.5" tall

  • Starts at $325*

Cake board size is ultimately baker's choice depending on style and theme. All measurements are approximate. *Starts at price includes Vanilla Buttercake with vanilla buttercream.

Current Flavors

Vanilla Buttercake- Real butter and imported vanilla make this cake a standout. Not too light, not too dense. The perfect yellow cake. Frosted with American buttercream on the inside and Swiss meringue buttercream on the outside. This is our GŪD standard.

Sprinkles- Sure to delight all humans with it's buttercake sponge and plenty of sprinkles inside and out.

Wedding Cake- White almond sour cream cake, GŪD style. We use American buttercream in the middle and wrap the entire cake in Swiss meringue buttercream for a not too sweet but very flavorful, beautiful, and decadent experience.

Rich Fudge- It's what you mean when you are craving chocolate cake. Dark and chocolately, made with cocoa and melted dark actual chocolate bars.

Nutella Brownie- Layers of Ruch Fudge cake and nutella buttercream on top of a GŪD Fudge Brownie, topped of with Nutella ganache and toasted hazelnuts. 

Cotton Candy- A gorgeous marble of pink and blue with the flavor to match. Filled and frosted with cotton candy butercream and a bag of fresh GŪDmade cotton candy for you to perch playfully on top just before serving. A crowd favorite since we began!

Strawberry Casatta- Inspired by it's namesake from THE GROTTO RISTORANTE this almond sponge is layered with sweet ricotta and a strawberry reduction. Finished off with fresh strawberry slices and chantilly whipped cream. Ask for extra reduction for The Add Baker's favorite.

Red Velvet- The Red Velvet that people who don't like Red Velvet enjoy. Yes, it's that GŪD. Filled and frosted wih rich and tangy cream cheese frosting.

PB&J Cake- When her favorite bakery wasn't baking cakes she came to GŪD Sugar in a panic. No problem we said. And we created this masterpiece with Vanilla Buttercake layered with peanut butter ganache, peanut butter frosting, housemade strawberry jam, crispy pearls, and beer nuts. We topped it with chocolate peanut butter ganache, more pearls and more beer nuts for a crunchy but still familiar flavor you will dream about until your next celebration. She will never go back and we aren't surprised.




Rich Fudge

Cotton Candy

Peanut Butter



Cream Cheese

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough




Rich Fudge

Cotton Candy


Cream Cheese

Chantilly Cream

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