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15.8.27 11:53 PM Speak Life

ladybug in hand bw red

As heaven opened up with a tremendous burst of thunder, this little lady sought refuge.  I was huddled headfirst under my tiny zebra umbrella, on my way to tell my friend we were locked out of the building but we could still have Jesus yoga under a cramped covered area across the lot.  She agreed and I headed back to my car not realizing I had become shelter.  As soon as I shut the door I noticed her. BeautiFULL and bright, contrasting with my own bright blue pants.  I drove across the lot and didn’t give her a second thought.  My friend and I huddled on a 2 rolled yoga mats and a bible shaped dry spot, and began to go through the scriptures I had marked for this day. The theme for this class was “Speak Life”.  Birthed from a randomly, unrandom #thisisagoodbody post I’m certain.  This friend does this for me so very often.  She speaks life over me, in front of me and behind my back.              I love when she does that one.          She speaks life in a beautifully written text and she speaks life when she afraid and unafraidly teaches a Jesus filled yoga class when I go out of town. This woman SPEAKS LIFE under me and over me and all around me.  She rolls her eyes sometimes when I tell her this and  she quickly tries to flip it back.  But I won’t have it.             She and I sat in our divinely appointed dry spot at our divinely appointed time and we shared stories of life.  The days, not so long ago, when we first realized #thisisagoodbody and spoke life over it.  And the days we forgot that it was.  We shared the good and the ungood. We spoke of how God wants happiness and safety for us and how well he has made it recognizable all around us.

But all who are hunting for you— oh, let them sing and be happy. Let those who know what you’re all about tell the world you’re great and not quitting. And me? I’m a mess. I’m nothing and have nothing: make something of me. You can do it; you’ve got what it takes— but God, don’t put it off. 

Psalm 40:16-17 (MSG)

How will they know?  Those that are hunting for him?

We spoke of times in the pit.  Even when we knew so much better, and we spoke of how to speak life over the darkness that is found in this life, in this world.  At the end of our time we hugged tight and smiled, as we often do.  We spoke life and took turns with gratitude not even waiting on each other to finish and we went our separate ways  Choosing to choose life in the dark stormy day, lighter and fully recognizing that #thisisagoodlife.  I didn’t give that ladybug a second thought. Until I rolled up to the carpool line to pick up my sweet sunshine from safety patrol.   It wasn’t quite time and as I parked the car I saw her again.  The little lady was strolling across the inside windshield glass on a sky blue backdrop.  It was apparent she was headed home but this something was between her and her way.  My sunshine hopped in as I began my rescue mission.  After we sufficiently oohed and awwwed at this wonder of creation, I rolled down the window and stuck my hand out for her to begin her next big adventure in the bright and billowy clouded sky. She didn’t go.  She was comfortable in the car.  The car that would be her demise if she stayed.  But she was comfortable in the dark, hot, deadly space. The space that would ultimately kill her.  And so I did what any ladybug saving heroine would do.  I shook my hand.  I shook my hand while speaking life over her.  Telling her that there is more to come for her and that she is so very beautiful. That comfortable does not equal to living life.  I spoke life over this precious creature of the One True God.  Just as my friend and I had done for each other hours before.  I spoke life over this little ladybug and she agreed with these life affirming words. And she disagreed with the comfortable and quickly flew away into the bright blue sky and on to her little lady life.  She chose life.  I wonder if she has told our story in her own ladybug way?  If she huddled up with her friend and spoke of the day she chose to leap from the hand of fear and comfort and choose life?     If, after she shared our story, she hugged her friend in celebration of the fact that all life is so very valuable?  If she chose, in her own little ladybug way, to speak life?  If she even realized she had a choice?

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